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I run beginner foraging workshops in Berlin and Brandenburg through the spring, summer, and autumn in urban parks and surrounding forests.

Come along and immerse yourself in the world of edible and medicinal leaves, flowers, seeds, nuts, roots, berries and of course fungi that surround you!

You'll come away from every workshop with enough knowledge to go out safely on your own so you can start making your own wild pestos, salads, teas, tinctures & more.

I also teach the principles of the Honorable Harvest and provide recipes, tips on preparation, insight on how to keep learning, and a whole lot of infectious enthusiasm!

upcoming workshops

Photo of Simka crouching on the forest floor, showing a group of people a mushroom.

foraging workshops


Two red cracking boletes growing crowded next to each other. Image by Simka Senyak.
Simka sits in a meadow with a group of people gathered around.
A person with long curly hair harvesting Himalayan balsam. Image by Simka Senyak.
Two hands holding grey-brown mushrooms, comparing black trumpet and ashen chanterelles. Image by Simka Senyak.
A group of people harvesting few-flowered leek in Berlin. Image by Robert Barr.
Close-up of mixed wild leaves including yarrow, plantain, dead nettle and clover. Photo by Simka Senyak.
Wild rose blossoms and leaves. Image by Laszlo Andras

plan a workshop

Interested in a private workshop for a team event, birthday party, or friends' day out? I'd love to be your teacher!

I learned so much about edible plants in the forest! I came mainly for the mushrooms, but learned there are all kinds of other (less risky) plants you can eat. Simka was super passionate and energetic, and all the other participants were so lovely!

— foraging workshop participant

A person with glasses proudly holding up a small parasol mushroom. Image by Simka Senyak.
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