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Lush green chestnut leaves. Image by Simka Senyak.


Here you'll find some starting points for deepening into the themes my work intertwines with. A constant work-in-progress.

If you're a current client of mine, log in to access my always-growing library of client resources –including practices, worksheets, prompts and meditations – below.



Robin Wall Kimmerer - Braiding Sweetgrass 

Merlin Sheldrake - Entangled Life

Jasmine Donahaye - Birdsplaining

David Abram - The Spell of the Sensuous

Michael Pollan - The Omnivore's Dilemma

Donna Haraway - Staying With the Trouble

Bessel van der Kolk - The Body Keeps the Score

John Wright - The Forager's Calendar

Lewis Hyde - The Gift

adrienne maree brown - Emergent Strategy

Zine: 21 Grief Technologies, by the JVP Havurah Network

practitioners, projects & schools

Bear Hebert - anticapitalist business coach

Dori Midnight - Jewish plant & protection magician, community care practitioner and ritual leader 

Queer Nature - Trans-run nature-based/naturalist education project

Prentis Hemphill - embodiment coach, somatics teacher and political organizer

Edible Alchemy - probiotics & fermentation school

foraging & naturalist studies


Alexis Nicole / blackforager - wildly informative and warm foraging tips & recipes

Eatweeds Podcast

UK Wildcrafts YouTube channel

Pl@ntNet app - incredible resource for plant identification

Merlin app - phenomenal bird call identification

Buschfunkistan YouTube channel, for foraging (in German)

Henriette's Herbs - enormous resource for herbalism

miscellaneous useful links

Non-Violent Communication lists of feelings 


Queer Morning Blessings

resources for current clients

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