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Close-up of a white amanita spore print on black paper. Image by Simka Senyak.

special workshops

These are workshops on a variety of topics to offer a place to spiral deeper into connection with nature & with yourself.

upcoming offerings

Right now I'm working on developing my calendar for 2024. Check below to get an idea of what's being planned and join my mailing list to get first dibs as I add dates this spring!

past events

belonging to the city, belonging to the land

Belonging to the City, Belonging to the Land

sensory walks and foraging for place-based visioning

Piloted as part of the THF Transformationsbündnis' Halle* für Alle Zukunftswerkstatt #1, this is an expedition consisting of sensory experiments and urban foraging. We explore the park and surrounding urban streets, investigating the landscape both as a garden and as a multi-layered sensory being in order to play with expanding our sense of belonging to the rhythms and relationships of this specific place. By creating maps of our direct experiences along the way, we weave our findings into new collective tools for future visioning rooted in deep, relational connection to place.

A canal in a forest, with sunlight filtering through the trees and the tip of a kayak visible. Image by Simka Senyak.

Spreewald Kayaking

The Spreewald is a UNESCO biosphere reserve just an hour south of Berlin. Made up of 1,300km of canals and waterways, it's home to beavers, otters, snipe, fire-bellied toads, and around 6,000 other wetland plants and animals. An incredibly beautiful and special place to explore by kayak.

A starry sky, viewed from the bottom of a gorge, so the cliffs above frame the sky and make it look like a river of stars. Image by Mark Basarab.

Mapping Constellations of Self

Parts work is an extraordinary methodology for getting to know ourselves deeply and resolve inner conflict. By taking our time to name, map, and reflect on our varied and unique parts, we compassionately untangle the many threads of ourselves and gain clarity, balance, and confidence to last us through the winter.

A person blindfolded with her hands in the air, laughing and clearly playing a game, with other people laughing in the background. Image by Simka Senyak.

Nature Games in Grunewald

Nature Games is all about letting your inner kid – or cub – out to play! With games like Wolf Stalks Deer, Meet a Tree, Plant Concentration and Animal Charades we wake up our senses, tune into the more-than-human world, and get silly.

A person walking a labyrinth in a cathedral, the sun through stained glass windows throwing colored light everywhere. Image by Erez Attias.

Honey in the River

It's possible to find sweetness and nourishment even in the middle of discombobulating transition. This is a playful, soulful workshop for bringing curiosity, humor, and new perspective to life transitions, co-facilitated with my father, Josh Senyak. Read more

A group of people with backpacks standing around a frozen river with trees growing out of it in. Image by Robert Barr.

Briesetal Nature Connection

As we hike through a fairytale landscape of sunken alder trees, beaver dams and flowing water, we slow down, quiet our minds, and open our senses. Along the way, we invite presence and reciprocity through forest meditations, gentle games, and stretches of silent walking.

A man with his hat pulled down over his eyes as a blindfold touches a tree, while a woman stands behind him and smiles. Photo by Simka Senyak.
A number of differently-shaped leaves, flowers, berries and other natural material are laid out carefully on a stump. Image by Simka Senyak.
Three people guide a canoe in a narrow river in the forest.
Pink squares with names of Parts are arranged around a blue square reading Soul, with a background photo of a bright starry sky. Background image by Eyrie Photography.

This workshop woke up some very interesting and deep feelings I hadn't really explored. It was a great jumping-off point to do some great introspection into my fears and beliefs about an upcoming change! It also helped me see the sweetness and goodness in my life. There truly is 'honey in the river'.

— Honey in the River participant

Image of brown, black and turquoise zone lines in a sawn log. Image by Simka Senyak.

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