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Complex sand patterns created by water. Photo by Simka Senyak.

the wild path

transformation through reconnection

hey, I'm Simka

nature-based coach, guide, and facilitator.

I'm a genderqueer, Jewish, neuro-spicy and unabashedly interdisciplinary human based mostly in Berlin, Germany (but with growing roots in the SF Bay Area, mid-Wales, and alpine Switzerland as well). My purpose in this weird wild world is to guide complex beings like you to land in delicious relationship with yourself and with the earth.

There's no one right way to walk this wild path. That's why I offer toolkits of exploration under the umbrella of nature connection work, from 1:1 coaching to foraging, nature-based play to Parts Work facilitation – all with a trauma-informed and liberation-focused approach.

If you're a curious, intense soul who's ready to feel more at home in your body and in the world – let's chat.

Simka smiles and points to the hawthorn tree behind them. Image by Lotte Löhausen.
Meet Simka
nature-based coaching
Close-up photo of meadowsweet blossoms and seeds. Image by Simka Senyak.

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When we're tapped into the rhythms and networks of the wild, we can't help but feel into our own complexity, too.


"I immediately felt in safe hands with Simka. They see situations really expansively and always offer a perspective of abundance. Coaching with them is really nurturing and nourishing. I always feel infinitely more positive coming out of a session than I did going in, and I'm able to address situations with a lot more clarity, knowledge, and acceptance. I also feel much more at one with nature, with many more layers of appreciation of the things I always loved."

— Sophie, photographer

Brown, black and turquoise zone lines in a sawn log. Image by Simka Senyak.


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