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A person with long hair running through wildflowers. Photo by Holly Mandarich

1:1 nature-based coaching

Nature-based coaching is the core of The Wild Path. It's a holistic approach to meaningful, sustainable transformation for folks walking off the beaten path of life. Through partnership with nature and the body, nature-based coaching provides a path to feeling truly at home in the world.

what it is

Nature-based coaching, in the way I facilitate it, is all about leaving room for complexity. You are an ecosystem, just as you live in an ecosystem. With coaching, we take the time to (re)learn the cycles and nuances of your internal and external world – physical, emotional, societal – so that you can build deeply rooted, sustainable change in your life.

In sessions online or in person, we create a toolkit specifically tailored to you, built up of nature connection practices, metaphor, imagery, movement, breathwork, meditations, parts work, and more.


This is the foundation for working on your interlocking goals in work, relationships, creativity, self-acceptance, health, spirituality, self-expression, and beyond.

You already have the answers to your biggest questions about how to live a meaningful and aligned life! They just might be in hiding, like skittish wild animals. I'm here if you could you use a guide to help you find & tame them.

Two people walking through a forest in autumn, the ground covered in yellow and orange leaves. Photo by Simka Senyak.
The gills of oyster mushrooms. Photo by Damir Omerović

who it's for

Artists, activists, and healers trying to balance giving their gifts into the world with their needs for rest, money, and love


Weirdos and oddballs who are sick of the way you’re “supposed” to do things, and are looking to thrive in their unique and beautiful weirdness


Folks in the midst of big transition and change, looking for clarity and confidence on the path ahead


Anyone wanting to access a deeper level of self-compassion and self-care

how it works

My most common way of working with clients is through biweekly, 75-minute sessions on Zoom, with a 20-minute check-in call on off weeks.

In addition to our meetings, you can contact me via WhatsApp between sessions, and you'll have full access to my growing library of guided meditations and other resources.

My standard pricing is 300€  / month for this structure. 


As part of my commitment to anti-capitalist business practices, shame-free payment plans, sliding scales and solidarity discounts are always available. 

I'm also open to different structures – for example more or less frequent sessions, or meeting in person in Berlin (including in nature). If you want to get creative, let's chat.


Keep in mind, this is deep work. It takes time to figure out where you're going, to step into a new way of being, and to integrate the profound change into every layer of your life. I don't ask for a minimum commitment, but the way I work prioritises long-term change over quick, rushed results.

If you're curious about this journey, book a discovery call via the link below. It's helpful if you also fill out my intake form to help focus our conversation.

Eucalyptus trees with peeling bark against a blue sky. Photo by Simka Senyak.
A chestnut tree with lush green leaves. Photo by Simka Senyak.

let's chat

The best way to figure out whether nature-based coaching with me is right for you is to have a chat. I offer free, no-strings-attached discovery calls so we can figure out if this is the right match for you.


"I immediately felt in safe hands with Simka. They see situations really expansively and always offer a perspective of abundance. Coaching with them is really nurturing and nourishing. I always feel infinitely more positive coming out of a session than I did going in, and I'm able to address situations with a lot more clarity, knowledge, and acceptance. I also feel much more at one with nature, with many more layers of appreciation of the things I always loved."

— Sophie, photographer

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